Contrast / Αντίθεση: φεστιβάλ φωτογραφίας Θεσσαλονίκης




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Tsiatma Stergiani

With the cooperation of the Municipal Theater “Aneton”

1 - 30 November

Reification: Were an object is perceived as having more spatial information than is actually present in the original stimulus  (Gestalt Psychology, From Wikipedia)

“If visible side of surface defines reality, sheltering it from abstraction,

invisible one witnesses becoming, revealing eventually the ultimate unity of opposites.”

She was born in 1970. Since 1993 she’s practicing the profession of Architect Engineer as a freelancer. In 2003 she followed a photography course in “Fotoporoi”, taught by Tasos Schizas. Since 2009 she’s an active member of the above team.