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Thessaloniki Photo Festival

A collaboration of photography forces under the lead of photography group “Photoporoi” of Eleftherio Kordelio Municipality Cultural Organization “Melina Merkouri”

                                                                                       David Zimmerman


The photography group “Photoporoi”,  after four successful organizations of “Photography at café-bars of Thessaloniki ”, expand the festival and embrace photo groups and individual photographers offering a modern, big and complete photography festival to the city.

The primary concept was based on the idea of photography festival which woulld be  organized and supported by the participants themselves in which all the photography forces of the country would l take part.

The first step had been done when “Photoporoi” organised the festival for four continuous years at the café and bars of Thessaloniki presenting 13-20 individual exhibitions of group members each year.

This year’s festival constitutes a first pilot organization in which the philosophy of the previous festival for exhibitions in alternative places is kept but now, cinemas, theaters and music halls have been added to the café bars. Alongside, exhibitions will be held in well known exhibition halls of the city where photographers from the country and abroad are quests. A special gravity (importance) has been given to new and first appeared photographers.

The whole organization was undertaken by the team of Photoporoi” and in the process, members of other teams offered voluntary work for the implementation of the festival.

The participants are individual photographers and members of groups with whom “Photoporoi” contacted and asked for their participation. There are very few of them who discovered the festival by themselves asking to participate.

The curatorship for the works was mainly consultative and supportive.

The subject was the photographers to present their works even if they were opposite to the organizers aesthetics but with the only requirement their point of view to be accurate and serious. The target is the creation of a big festival including many and different aspects which will not be possessed by the aesthetics of a single person or a team.

The selection of the final participations justifies our targets presenting a very important part of the contemporary photography scene of the country.


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