Contrast / Αντίθεση: φεστιβάλ φωτογραφίας Θεσσαλονίκης




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"The word's children"

Kyriakos Pissaris

With the cooperation of ActionAid

In collaboration with the Bar Partizan

22 November - 3 December

I began traveling many years ago. At first as a simple tourist, seeing only through my eyes. As my travels continued i began to learn how to view scenery, nature and then people, especially children. In children i saw joy, fear, sadness, deprivation,impulse and innocence. Children of the world have taught me to see not only through my eyes but through my heart as well.

Born in Thessaloniki , Greece in 1969. Kyriakos Pissaris interest in photography began while attending University. His interest is primarily travel photography and street scenes, with a certain sensitivity to children in undeveloped countries. He participated in an exhibition at the Goethe Institute with the theme "Children of the streets"(2005). His works can be viewed at