Contrast / Αντίθεση: φεστιβάλ φωτογραφίας Θεσσαλονίκης




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"With the might of the wind"

Mihalis Konstantinidis

With the cooperation of the National Bank Cultural Foundation (M.I.E.T.) - Cultural Centre of Thessaloniki 

1 -  October 24

Once again, it is to nature that we entrust our hopes for life; we humans, we who are the same as those who destroy it …

We ask of it to recognise our need to continue to exist …

Thus, we bring together new and old knowledge and we create huge machines –mixtures of steel and Mind – and we offer them as a gift to the Wind.

And that, in exchange, allows the machines to transform the kinetic energy of the wind into electric energy …

A secret conspiracy between man, god and machine.  If you are lucky, you can for once in your life ‘hear’ their conversation.

Mihalis Konstantinidis was born in Serres and studied Nursing.

Over the last 17 years he has been working as a professional photographer, and also taught the art of photography in 1995 at the Serres Prefecture of the Ministry of Culture and the former K.L.P Serres Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs, the European Working Union of Performing Arts’ Aesthetic Education Programme of the Municipality Law???. Zihni, at the 3rd High School of Serres . More recently he set up the photography team of the Association of Applied Arts' Polytechnic "and has been remarkably active in Serres. He attended photography courses at NELE, Serres, as well as seminars and film photography at the Ministry of Culture in various cities in Greece , where he was given the opportunity to enrich his knowledge, and to exchange views with important artists of the genre. He was given the UNESCO Award as a photographer of Serres for the collection and presentation of photographs entitled "The Way of the Olive”, and in 1999 he published a first edition of the photo album entitled "Views of Mount Athos”. "Honoured with 28 awards and accolades in national competitions and 5 Pan-European competitions and has held 14 personal photo exhibitions in Greece and a total of 43 group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. He won first place in the European Photo Contest for EWEA’s ‘Wind Energy’, and one of his photos which is to be found on the back cover of ‘Wind Energy’ is among the 500 best in the world and was selected in the 27th contest of the French magazine «Photo». The new album entitled “Mystical Journey to the Monastic Way of Life” is published by Stamoulis (2009)

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