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“The prison inside me”

Elena Lagaria

It is really dangerous but at the same time so much fascinating for one to explore the dark pieces of the soul. What remains well hidden in t o time and the oblivion. It resembles a dive in black and frozen waters, that as long as logic dictates that you should avoid, the challenge for exploration grows deeper. We are not always ready for it, but sure at some time in our life comes the hour when we leave the certainty of the luminous microcosm in which our body wanders in and we dive within ourselves, taking the risks for the befalling changes that follow this movement.

My own introspection revealed a world that I knew with certainty it exists, but up to now I was afraid to face. To be more precise, many times up to now my life, I had clues on such existence but I always kept my eyes shut and I turned my back to it, believing that it would disappear.

In the cell of my inner prison, I found all my “wants”, that enclaved for many years were trying hard to find a way to burst and to help my dreams become a reality. I also saw the warder. Big and terrible “musts” put a brake in each spontaneous outbreak, the culture and “good manners” which I grew up with taught me to always bury it inside me.

I saw and I tried to impress the effort of my puberty to be free and it is released leaving in her place a feminine substance that continued to fight with the “must do’s”.

I saw the pain from the first love, the effort for sexual determination, the sadness of loss, lots of small sins, the erotism and in some other cells the joy of success that could not express itself.

I saw the prison inside me.


Born in Larissa where she now lives permanently since 2006. Worked as a photojournalist in regional Media  in Crete and Larissa from 1994 until 2007. The last two years she has been involved in artistic photography and she is a member of the Photography Club of Larissa.

She has participated in group and solo exhibitions and have been awarded in national photography competitions.