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Jonnek Jonneksson

With the cooperation of the Alatza Imaret

1 31 December

This project is concerned with the sociological perspective and the conjectural motive of Berlin , a contemporary European metropolis, at the dawn of the 20th anniversary of the fall of the wall that once separated the city to East and West.

Is the smell and resonance of East Berlin vaporized and in what manner, is the city affected by the dimensions of the galloping globalization and the American-west consumerism style?

This body of work goals to a sincere examination of those questions and tries to reveal some possible personal answers. The goal is the discovery of the new identity of this multicultural megacity, which after a lot of significant social events and institutional changes in the last 20 years marches to a relatively unknown direction affected by a unique mix of different cultures, the globalization trend and the fragile insurance of the contemporary German economy.

Berlin continues to be a melting pot of new lifestyles, where a boundless freedom of expression has always a solid meaning and a lucid contribution to the sociopolitical environment. Berlin changes and this work is dedicated to the causes that constitute this change.

Jonnek Jonneksson is a freelance photographer based in Berlin , Germany .

He is currently working in Athens , Greece as a staff photographer for "Epsilon" magazine that is devoted solely in social and political issues.

He is 37 years old and he is photographing since 2006.

His point of view has to do with sociological issues and the human conditions that surround them.

His main goal is to reveal what exists under the veil of everyday life, trying to discover the conditions that are responsible for the significant changes and progress of the global community.

Also, an emphasis is given always to people and their environment as they grow together, and the problems that they both meet because of the contemporary inhuman mechanisms that the various governments and states develop and use.

His work has been published in numerous magazines, newspapers and special editions across Europe, and he has launched a book titled " Varanasi ".

He has participated in various group exhibitions in Germany and Greece and part of his work is represented by You-and-Art gallery in Zurich .

In 2007 he made a solo exhibition in the Central Theater of National Opera of Greece , with his backstage work over several ballet, opera and experimental stages in Athens .

In 2008 his work about AIDS/HIV in South Africa has nominated for the "Unicef Photo of the Year Award".

In 2009 the band "Modern-e-Quartet" used his photos for the cover and the booklet of their new LP, titled "Voluntary Electrocution" and the National Opera of Greece published an educational book illustrated with photos from his series "About the Stage".

In 2010, the British rock band "Renegade" used a photo of his album " Greece " for the cover of their new LP titled "Watch this Fire Spread".

Also in 2010 he selected among the 8 finalists for the Cedefop Photomuseum Award with his work about the dry dockyard of the Cape Town harbor.