Contrast / Αντίθεση: φεστιβάλ φωτογραφίας Θεσσαλονίκης




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“Mirrors of the sky”

Vasilis Bakaloudis

The sky is the background to achieve beautiful photos .

In it we can enjoy sunsets, the strange shapes that the clouds make, 

The sun in all its glory, the lightening, the full moon, the rain…..

And when we catch all this in one photo,

Then we are very lucky, but when in one photo two skies appear, then the result is certainly more beautiful


Vasilis Bakaloudis is a photographer for the last seven years.

He has given personal exhibitions in Thessaloniki , Halkidiki and Mitilini.

He is a member of the photo group “Fotoporoi” and he has taken part with them in various exhibitions.