Contrast / Αντίθεση: φεστιβάλ φωτογραφίας Θεσσαλονίκης






Curator: Nikos Bentas, Photography Club of Katerini

Participants: Marinos Agglezis, Athanasia Sakalidou, Metaxia Chandolia, Sofia Aravidou, Ioannis Tsialos, Michalis Ipliktoglou, Maria Sibela Zizaj, Nikolaos Bentas, Palentza Athanasia, Louloudia Gredi, Gogo Karassava , Ioannis Logiotatidis, Nikolaos Stergiou, Vassilios Bakaloudis , Terpsihori Kouzouni, Polychronis Dimopoulos, Theoharis Gregoroiu, Elena Ganda, Martha Theodoridou, Natassa Zisopoulou, Dimitrios Papageorgiou, Anastasia Michailoglu, Elias Avdikos, Panagiotis Ftaras.

Opening: Thursday December 22 at 20:00

Duration: December 22, 2011-January 31, 2012.

Alatza Imaret

 91-93 Kassandrou str.,

Tel.  2310 278587

Tuesday-Sunday: 10:00 - 18:00

Monday: Closed

The present series of photographies depicts a natural evolution of situations and objects that surround every person since its day of birth (Memories - Remembrances); the unfolding procedure of taking photos make “Memories” a well framed thematic unity, since one should at first conceive the spiritual dimension of memories in order to recall remembrances; a dimension that is multiple and manifold at the same time where anybody may slip into other paths.

Memories and remembrances cooexist in a common eniological place from where all information emerge that we want to preserve and record as useful or unesuful (or less important) element in our subconcious corner of our mind.

Memories are a part of our everyday life and existence since the human brain functions as a kind of hard disk, where its  drainless capacity continues to exist and record everything infinitevly; Its limit is found in a compulsory or even a violent  functional interruption, however it remains in a constant awakening recalling facts that the mind considers as useful or necessary in order to deal a situation, data, facts, memories that may be pleasant, sad, traumatic, joyful, sorrowful, regarding work, abandonment, loneliness or age, moments that are included in the endless list of the meaning memory- remembrance.

Intersectional memories and remembrances that seem undecaying in time and space, uninfluenced by multiple and repetitive thoughts that are trying to revise or distort the already existing and recorded result, situations of memory’s decadence which are moving around them in every chance and ask for their place in order to change the facts and delete situations including everything that the human mind subconsciously does not want to remember.

Through the labyrinth of mind and the channels of the nervous system that defends in its own way against any kind of function or malfunction regarding its storage place, where facts are recorded through various procedures, there the photographic time comes and involves itself leading us to the photographic dimension through the lens.

The photographic approach is simple, easily conceived, understandable, and obvious without hidden messages towards the spectator, presenting our everyday life in pictures through the eye of its photographers.

Nikos Bentas

Marinos Agglezis

Athanasia Sakalidou

Metaxia Chandolia  

Sofia Aravidou

Ioannis Tsialos

Michalis Ipliktoglou

Maria Sibela Zizaj

Nikolaos Bentas

Palentza Athanasia

Louloudia Gredi

Gogo Karassava 

Ioannis Logiotatidis

Nikolaos Stergiou

Vassilios Bakaloudis 

Terpsihori Kouzouni

Polychronis Dimopoulos

Theoharis Gregoroiu

Elena Ganda

Martha Theodoridou

Natassa Zisopoulou

Dimitrios Papageorgiou

Anastasia Michailoglu

Elias Avdikos

Panagiotis Ftaras






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