Contrast / Αντίθεση: φεστιβάλ φωτογραφίας Θεσσαλονίκης






Curator: Giannis Voulgarakis, photography group “Photogramma”

Participants: Rafael Aretakis, Nancy Georgiou, Nikos Fergadis-Giannakopoulos, Giannis Dakanalis,  Alkistis Zogoli, Ioanna Kaimazoglou, Josef Kapellas, Dimitris Kioseoglou, Giota Kouloheri, Ioannis Logiotatidis, Marios Mantzourogiannis, , Panagiotis Merekos, Anasatsia Michailoglu, Evi Batavanou, Nikos Bentas, Niki Bouligaraki, Nikos Stavropoulos, Agelliki Stellaki, Paris Tavitian, Manos Chrysovergis.

Opening: Monday November 7, at 20:00

Duration: 7 – 30 November

Tettix art gallery

3 Dialetti str., opposite YMC A

Tel. 2310 243304

Monday-Friday: 18:00 - 21:00

Saturday: 11:00 - 14:00

Sunday: Closed

We live in a world, a society that is transforming. Respectively, changes also occur on the human level. Both within us and "outside" of us everything is changing. As regards form, look, shape, structure, nature, character, the urban landscape, the man-made environment, the surrounding nature, even man's presence is under constant change due to today's circumstances and particularly technology and new media. Photography, as a reality's "transformation" medium may be the best way to perceive and reflect on what is "changing" yet "looks" unchanged.

20 photography attempts trying to depict all kinds of transformations, either by creating them, or by "capturing" them. 20 photographers presenting the power of transformations either as single images or in combinations, which demonstrate the image's power when being altered, compared or conversing with the environment. Within and outside of the frame, within and outside ourselves, in and out of our everyday routine.

John Voulgarakis

Agelliki Stellaki

Dimitris Kioseoglou

Evi Batavanou

Nikos Fergadis-Giannakopoulos

Giannis Dakanalis

Anasatsia Michailoglu

Ioannis Logiotatidis

Ioanna Kaimazoglou

Josef Kapellas

Manos Chrysovergis

Μάριος Μαντζουρογιάννης

Nancy Georgiou

Nikos Bentas

Niki Bouligaraki

Rafael Aretakis

Alkistis Zogoli

Panagiotis Merekos

Nikos Stavropoulos

Giota Kouloheri

Paris Tavitian






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1. “Traces - shadows - allusions” 

Opening: Tuesday 1 November at 20:00

Duration: 1 - 30 November 


2. "Drawing by the light “

Opening: Thursday November 3, at 20:00

Duration: November 3 - December 7


3. "Transformations"

Opening: Monday November 7, at 20:00

Duration: 7 - 30 November


4. “Peace is…”

Opening: Friday December 9, at 20:00

Duration: 9 - 31 December


5. “Memories”

Opening: Thursday December 22 at 20:00

Duration: December 22 - January 31


6. “We are all angry (deserted country - Crucial times)”

Opening: Monday January 9, at 20.00

Duration: 3 - 31 January


7. “Study on surrealism”

Opening: Thursday February  2, 2012 at 20:00

Duration: February 2 - March 2