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“Study on surrealism”

Curator: Tassos Schizas, photography group “Photoporoi”

Participants: Vassilis Bakaloudis, Spyros Grapsas, Evangelia Dimitriadou, Roney Herrera, Stelios Kalogerakis, Stelios Karatheodorou, Stelios Filipou, Giolanda Sotiropoulou, Giorgos Sardis, Dimosthenis Agos, Spyros Zervoudakis, Dimitris Koumantzias, Anna Peponi, Stavros Stamatiou, Athanasia Palentza, Orestis Kourakis, Tassos Chios, Michalis Konstantinidis, Natassa Zisipoulou, Martha Theodoridou, Anastasia Michailoglu, Dimitra Spathara, Kostas Tzaralis.  


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Opening: Thursday February  2, 2012 at  20:00

Duration: February 2 – March 2, 2012

Educational Institute of National Bank  (Μ.Ι.Ε.Τ.)

Thessaloniki Cultural Center

108 Vasilissis Olgas, tel. 2310 295170-1

Tuesday: 9.00-16.00

Wednesday & Thursday  14.00-21.00

Friday,Saturday and Sunday: 10.00-18.00


Surrealism study

Surrealism is a movement in art history, which still affects the work of many photographers.

Photography, as a way of expression, has many surreal items. We can find them even in the simplest daily images and we can realize that they also appear even without the intention of the creator.

The aim of the group exhibition / production was the investigation of the work of modern (contemporary) photographers and the searching (search) of surrealistic elements in their work, as well the creation of new photos with references to surrealism movement and its characteristics.

In the present exhibition issues about the unconscious, the dream, the fantasy, the irrational and paranoid have been investigated.

Surrealism is presented through special techniques (light painting), experimental techniques (burning photosensitive material), digital editing (montage, collage, solarization) and straight realistic shots, which contain a second surreal meaning.

Tassos Schizas

Vassilis Bakaloudis

Spyros Grapsas

Evangelia Dimitriadou

Roney Herrera

Anastasia Michailoglu

Stelios Kalogerakis

Stelios Karatheodorou

Stelios Filipou

Giolanda Sotiropoulou

Giorgos Sardis

Dimosthenis Agos

Spyros Zervoudakis

Dimitris Koumantzias

Anna Peponi

Stavros Stamatiou

Athanasia Palentza

Orestis Kourakis

Tassos Chios

Michalis Konstantinidis

Natassa Zisipoulou

Martha Theodoridou

Dimitra Spathara

Kostas Tzaralis






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